Leopoldine Metzger - Transformation Coach

My name is Leopoldine, I dedicate my life to empowering expats and high achievers to empower themselves!

With the same passion and energy, I also guide my clients who do not dare to have high ambitions into becoming the most fearless versions of themselves and transform into life adventurers!

I am a strong believer that you can achieve anything as long as you believe in yourself and are ready to put up the inner work.


  • Are you feeling stuck or in the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone? You need a hand to take the leap and achieve your goals ?

  • Or maybe you are about to take a major change in your life, become an expat or change career and you need reassurance and the peace of mind that you're making confident choices.

  • Are you looking for guidance to deeply transform your life with ​daily practices and clear action plans? 

  • Are you ready to  embody your true self, gain confidence and heal from your past  to finally live meaningfully ?

You are in the right place and I am so glad to have you here!

My passion as a Transformation coach is to unlock the full potential that you have within and see you thrive.

I do this through the use of powerful tools that not only are science-backed techniques but also that I use in my own Personal Journey and know will work for you.

Our journey together will leave you feeling

confident, energized, inspired

and in control of your personal and professional life! 

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What is Life Coaching?

Ajai Collective is a safe place where I guide you into creating the life you love.


Authentic Self & Values

The first and most important aspect of your personal growth is to deepen your relationship with yourself. Gain clarity on your Core Values. Define who your Authentic Being is and take the first steps into becoming the best version of yourself. 


Master your Emotions

Acknoledge and learn to manage the limiting beliefs and fears that keep you from living your dream life and achieving your goals.

Improve your relationship with others. Switch your mindset towards abundance and positivity.


Ikigai: purpose, career

Are you living a life you are excited about when you wake up?

Uncover your authentic life purpose and design a lifestyle that honors what you stand for. Exercises based on the Ikigai philosophy will guide you in aligning all areas of your life and in particular your career.


Holistic Health

Your mind, body and soul are connected. Discover how self-care can improve significantly your quality of living. Learn to listen to your body and needs, trust your instinct and manage your energy levels.


Clarity Questions

Powerful questionning is a core competency of coaching that helps you discover your own solutions within. Those queries guide your to clarity, action and discovery.


Accountability Partner

As your accountability partner, I understand why your goals are important to you, I support you, I pick you up when you're down. I will help you to stay on track and keep the promises you've made to yourself.

Let's kickstart your Life coaching journey today!

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